KhanAcademy Taught Me Everything I've Ever Needed to Know

by Polo Itona

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this is my final project for my AP Calculus AB class.


Calculus makes me feel so lost
Sometimes i even think i regret ever taking this class in the first place

Ten months in and i forgot everything
How am i supposed to teach something i never really understood myself

But i gotta do it anyways
Just for the grade

The area between two curves
Is fairly easy to comprehend when you take it one step at a time

What if the f(x) equals the square root of x
And let’s let g(x) equal x squared

And let’s use the definite integral
0 to 1

The first step is to subtract the anti derivs.
Of g(x) from f(x) to get rid of the squiggly s

Now we have ⅔x ^3/2 minus
⅓ times the cube of x all evaluated from 0 to 1

Now just plug in the 1 to x
To get a final answer of ⅓




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